About Basement Arts

What do we do?

Basement Arts is student-run theatre organization that has given the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor community FREE theatre for over 20 years! Our shows are open to all!  From classic dramas to contemporary farces, original musicals and late night events, there’s something for everyone at Basement Arts.



Basement Arts was founded it 1988 and spent its first few years dedicated to producing exclusively student-written works.  The company got its name from producing work in the basement of the Arena Theatre on Ann Arbor’s Central Campus.

Click here for more information about the history of Basement Arts!

What makes us special?

All shows are directed, designed, and performed by students, allowing them to experiment and explore all aspects of theatre. Basement Arts continues to be a playground for artists, and the premiere venue for diverse and adventurous productions!

Along with our commitment to great student theatre, Basement Arts is also committed to an active involvement in the Ann Arbor Community.

Check out our Community Involvement page, here!

Late Night

Late Night shows are a one night only deal! These shows happen periodically throughout the semester at 11:00pm on Saturdays. These shows are often about an hour long, cramming a lot of entertainment into one night! Past Late Nights have included cabarets, bands, staged readings, and variety-eqsue shows.

Check out Basement’s upcoming Late Night performances, here!

Who are we?

The Basement Arts Board is made up of students who care about student-produced theatre. Each Board member has a specific job, and all help to keep Basement Arts running smoothly and successfully.
The 2012-2013 Basement Board:

  • Artistic Director: Jon Manganello (BFA Acting, Senior)
  • Junior Artistic Director: Taylor Norton (BFA Directing, Junior)
  • Production Stage Managers: Michael Barbour (BFA Design & Production, Senior)
  • and  Geehoon Lim (BFA Design & Production, Senior)
  • Assistant Production Stage Manager: Angela Alvarez (BFA Design & Production, Sophomore)
  • Technical Director: Jenn Jacobs(BFA Design & Production, Junior)
  • Assistant Technical Director: Miriam Michaels (BFA Design & Production, Sophomore)
  • Financial Director: Dan Tracy (BFA Musical Theatre, Senior)
  • Asst. Financial Director: Jocelyn Weberg (BTA, Sophomore)
  • Directing Coordinator: Neal Kelley (BFA Acting, Senior)
  • Asst. Directing Coordinator: Elizabeth Frankel(BFA Directing, Junior)
  • Asst. Directing Coordinators: Scott Kloosterman(BFA Directing, Sophomore)
  • Marketing Director: Will DeCamp (BTA Performing Arts Management, Senior)
  • Marketing Team:
    • Devin Rossinsky (BFA Acting, Junior)
    • Jason Kovacs (BTA, Senior)
    • Skye Payne (BTA, Sophomore)
    • Danielle Cohn (BFA Acting, Sophomore)
    • Alex Madda (BFA Acting, Junior)
  • Props Coordinator: Joanna Miller (BTA, Junior)
  • Asst. Props Coordinator: Ruby Grammatico (BFA Directing, Sophomore)
  • Asst. Props Coordinator: Liz Raynes (BFA Acting, Sophomore)
  • Costume Coordinator: Katie Lantz (BFA Design & Production, Junior)
  • Graphic Designer: Sarah Fogel (BFA Art&Design, Junior)
  • Asst. Graphic Designer: Samantha Rehr (BFA Acting, Sophomore)
  • Photographers: Terra Molengraff (Sophomore, LSA) Teresa Mathew (Freshman, LSA, English)



Parking for Basement Arts shows is available at the Music School for free after 5:00PM. Parking at the Walgreen Drama Center costs $1.20 per hour until 8:00PM.

Thank you

Basement Arts operates with support from, and in cooperation with, The University of Michigan Department of Theatre & Drama. Thank you to all the faculty and staff who help make Basement Arts possible!